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How To Care For Dried Flowers: 5 Tips

At PHOHM, we encourage slow living & minimising waste, especially when it comes to floral designs in your home.

So, how long do dried flowers last?

Delicately crafted dried flower wreaths or bouquets will last years with proper care. By looking after them well they will stand the test of time.

As they are a natural product, dried flowers can deteriorate as time goes by but their lifespan far outweighs fresh flowers (we love those too!).

By following our simple tips you can keep your dried floral pieces for years to come.


floral arrangements at PHOHM


  • Leave your dried floral bouquet tied.

Your everlasting floral bouquet has been carefully styled for you at our Brighton floral studio. Keeping it tied will ensure that your display stays looking its best.

  • Keep dried flowers away from water.

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not need water. Contact with water will make the dried flower stems weak & it can even cause your beautiful bouquet to turn mouldy.

  • Avoid keeping dried flowers in rooms with high humidity. 

High humidity can also sadly turn your dried floral arrangements limp, brown or even mouldy.

  • Clean dried arrangements using a hair dryer.

Being gentle is key! When cleaning your dried flowers, set your hair dryer on low speed & use the "no heat" or warm setting to avoid any damage.

  • Hairspray your pampas grass. 

It’s natural for fluffy pampas to droop with time, so spray your stems lightly with hairspray to keep everything in place. Spraying them as soon as you get home will prevent shedding & will keep it looking fresh.