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Impressive Floral Displays

We create award-winning floral displays. Installations designed at PHOHM are bespoke & completely unique to your salons, restaurants, clubs or bars across the UK. 


Why add a floral installation to your business?

  • Create social media awareness
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve the look of your storefront
  • To stand out 
Investing into floral design for your business has many positive effects. The impact it creates will leave a positive impression on your existing and potential customers. It allows your business to stand out from the competition whilst expressing your love for floristry design.

It also creates a wonderful opportunity for social media advertising. Having a “selfie ready” background will boost your online and social presence.

Dried Floral Designs

We specialise in all things dried flowers. Our impressive designs will decorate your commercial building or your special events.

We offer dried flower installations at weddings around the UK to add a PHOHM touch whilst celebrating your own bridal style. Visit our page for more information.

dried flower installation

Design for Acme


“PHOHM started as a floral design company trading solely to commercial businesses. I used artificial flowers and foliage to create large scale installations for bars, salons, shops and restaurants. These were mainly commissions, so whenever I could add my own personal touch to the installations I opted for dried flowers.” - PHOHM founder

Opting for dried flowers is a much more sustainable choice when compared to fresh flowers. Save the dried flowers from your installation as they are reusable for years to come. Read our care guide for more information.

Going on-site

Our team will go on-site to install your floral displays, taking care of all work during setup.


We have a broad range of clients, including but not limited to:

What’s the cost?

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