Hen-do but classy, we've got you. 




Our unique hen private workshops are held at our serene Brighton studio. Unleash your creativity by learning the art of flower arranging, making bouquets, and crafting beautiful flower crowns, setting the perfect tone for your wedding celebrations.

Our private workshops accommodate up to 30 people, ensuring a fun-filled experience for your bridal party. Prices vary based on the number of participants and the items you choose to create.

You can schedule your workshop anytime during weekdays, with a minimum total spend of £500. 

For weekend workshops held before 11am or after 5pm, the minimum total spend is £800.

Indulge in the joy of crafting your own everlasting table centres, flower crowns, or bridesmaids' bouquets. 

If you prefer us to come to your chosen venue, we're more than happy to travel to your hen party location and host the workshop there instead. Let the creativity come to you, ensuring a memorable and convenient experience for your special occasion. 


Please email studio@phohm.co.uk for more information about our hen-do workshops. 



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